“SIVARASA: ‘Things Are Going To Change For THE BETTER’ ||| GO SIVARASA! GO SUBANG! ||| @ MalaysiaKini”

4 04 2008

New Subang MP Sivarasa Rasiah talks about the issues in his constituency and his debut in the august house.

Camera: Maran Perianen
Editing: Indrani Kopal

sumber daripada malaysiakini youtube.

“JOM! Kita Pakat-pakat Sokong PAS!!!”

berapa ramaikah yang berani menyatakan sokongan mereka terhadap PAS?

untuk lebih lanjut, klik di sini.





One response

5 04 2008

Dear PAS,

In the just concluded election my whole family for the first voted for PAS.

In the past we feared PAS like hell for their over zealous, obsessive and fanatical view of Islam. Hindus are generally religious people and respect other religious people of any religion as we believe that God is one and same – the omnipotent and omnipresent.

Hence we respect most PAS people but what we cannot accept is their insistence of imposing their religious belief on us.

We find the younger leaders in PAS are more open minded and moderate in thinking which is proper in a multiracial and multi-religious society like ours.

PAS received a big mandate and approval from the non-Muslims and Hindus in particular in this election. We believe that PAS will use this support as a stepping stone to establish themselves as a major ruling party for the sake of our beloved country. Please think of all Malaysian irrespective of race and religion in all your deeds and words.

The non-Muslims have this believe that Islam is a religion that instills hate among the followers towards the non-believers. The Muslim UMNO leaders through their words and deeds in the past have indeed had proven this fear that the non-Muslim had on Islam.

We hope PAS leaders through their deed and words will prove that Islam is a moderate and fair to all. We hope that PAS will clear the present negative conception that we have on Islam. Only then PAS will have continuous support from all Malaysian particularly the Hindus.

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