“KEBAHAGIAAN Dan KEAMANAN; Itu Yang Jermaine Jackson Dapat Setelah Memeluk Islam”

2 04 2008

Jermaine Jackson (Brother of Michael Jackson), is now called Muhammad Abdul Aziz. He talks About Finding Peace and contentment through Islam.

He talks about his feelings for being a Muslim and also expresses his desire for his younger brother Michael Jackson to also become Muslim. Infact, he states in the video that he has given many Islamic books to his brother and that Michael is contemplating becoming a Muslim, inshaAllah. Jermaine also talks about his love for Muslims and his desire to live in Muslim countries. He has found great peace and calm through his Islamic beliefs and love of Allah.

He was born December 11, 1954,he is an American Grammy Award-winning singer, bass guitarist, former member of The Jackson 5 and brother of American pop stars Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson. And Most importantly, he is a Muslim.

Jermaine talks about his love of other cultures and people, his reasons for leaving Christianity and becoming Muslim. His devotion to Allah, the great benefits that he gets from praying five times and also from doing optional fasting during the week. He explains how he feels at ease and peace by his Islamic beliefs and his rememberance of Allah.

Real happiness and peace can be found in submitting to the commands of the Creator and the Sustainer of this world. God has said in the Qur’an: Truly, in remembering God do hearts find rest. (Qur’an, 13:28) On the other hand, the one who turns away from the Qur’an will have a life of hardship in this world. God has said: But whoever turns away from the Qur’an, he will have a hard life, and We will raise him up blind on the Day of Judgment. (Qur’an,20:124) This may explain why some people commit suicide while they enjoy the material comfort money can buy. For example, look at Cat Stevens (now Yusuf Islam), formerly a famous pop singer who used to earn sometimes more than $150,000 a night. After he converted to Islam, he found true happiness and peace, which he had not found in material success.

sumber daripada Converts2Islam youtube.




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