“NAJIB MONGOLIA Tiada Kaitan Dengan Altantuya??? ||| Takkan Nak Ikut Leader Awak Kot… PAK LAH BOHONG!, Kata Tun Mahathir!!!”

19 03 2008

The politically sensitive trial was given a long postponement on Day 94 when the Judge adjourned it until 17th March 2008 so as not to get in the way of the General election scheduled on Mar 08 2008. From the past few months it was obvious for most people watch the trial that it has been crawling at a very slow pace with court sitting mostly 3 times in a week and at every excuse, long breaks were taken over festive holidays
If it had run its normal course, the verdict would have been out by now and either way, the opposition parties would have exploited it to the hilt to gain whatever political mileage and possibly it could severely affect the election outcome.
So the Judiciary has taken the cue and is reading the message very well and has now given a more than two week break, whatever the excuse might be.

Due to the election coverage, most newspapers are not wasting their resources in stationing reporters for the trial and the MSM is relying on the diluted reports (with little details, read accounts on Day 94,93,92,91) coming out from the national news agency Bernama. This was most obvious on Day 90 of the trial when political analyst Abdul Razak Baginda, the 3rd accused had an emotional outbreak and showed his tantrum in court when he was whispered some “damaging information” by his father prior to beginning of the trial on that day. If not for the NST detailed account of Day 90, we would read only the white-washed account dished out by Bernama.

sumber daripada multidimid youtube.

“JOM! Kita Pakat-pakat Sokong PAS!!!”

berapa ramaikah yang berani menyatakan sokongan mereka terhadap PAS?

untuk lebih lanjut, klik di sini.




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