“TERCEMARNYA Periuk Nasi POLIS, Eh, Dorang Tak Makan Nasi, Makan RASUAH… …”

26 02 2008

It was happend at on the way to BATU CAVE.the police try to take out the reason that say the driver is over speed,afterthat the sucks policeman,request money from the driver.it was happend in 2007/5/12…and the police man is keep asking the driver said:”berapa you mahu,you mahu keluar berapa?”this is how sucks police man in malaysia….rediculous and lose our malaysian face……pls la stop it la….when hungry come out n “eat our money”we making money very hard…how come u used 1 word “you lebih laju”n simply u can get money from us.we r the ppl too.we must stand out n prevent it happen everywhere in malaysia!

*** sumber daripada malaysianews youtube dan citizenmalaysia youtube. ***

police take vcd every day from boss vcd. then collect money every month

*** sumber daripada andyandylau youtube. ***

this is a video that show a curruption of a malaysian police

*** sumber daripada keong430 youtube. ***

“hmmm… agak-agaknya BA-PAS menang ke pilihan raya kali ni…”

A. menang besar.
B. kalah!!!

*** sila klik pos bertajuk “SERVEY Pilihanraya Ke-12”
untuk lebih lanjut. ***




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